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Attractions near Meganisi

Meganisi, literally meaning"big island" is a beautiful island and municipality immediately to the east-southeast of the island of Lefkada. The municipality includes many alluring offshore islands like Skorpios, Kastos, Kalamos and Sparti, with stunning beaches and beautiful views. The island has three serene villages: the central village of Katomeri, just outside of which our Villas are located, and the ports of  Vathy and Spartochori. Visit one of many caves, footpaths, traditional restaurants, ancient churches and iconic squares (plateies).
       The island is accesible by a car ferry service from Spartochori's port Spilia to Lefkada, that does the route 3 times a day.

     For visiting the surrounding islands like Kalamos and Kastos as well has sight-seeing Meganisi, we offer the possibility to rent out a traditional wooden boat for you.

Stunning views

Experience Greece like nowhere else. The islands remain green year-round with the clean, light blue sea to contrast them. Long days of relaxation that end with truely breathtaking and unforgetable sunsets await you.


Papanikolis Cave

This cave shot into prominence during World War II by virtue of being a secret hideaway for the submarine Papanikolis. The sheer magnitude of The cave is astounding. First-time visitors will live an awesome experience.


Isolated Beaches

Relax in one of many isolated, private beaches or go for a swim in a remote, tranquil little cove.

isolated beaches.jpg

Kastos Marine Museum

A museum with uniquely wonderful exhibits. Among them is the skeleton of the Fin Whale (Balenoptera Physalus), sea sponges, rare sea urchins, starfish, crabs and exquisite collections of  seashells and coquillages.


Medieval Ruins

Marvel at many ancient and medieval ruins, each with its own unique history, spread out across many islands. From old castles and windmills to byzantine churches and ancient castles.

medieval ruins.jpg

Many more places and sights

There are many interesting and noteworthy places like ship-wrecks, numerous reefs, small forests, isolated footpaths and roads.

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